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Supporting Matan enables the work of bringing the business sector closer to the third sector by sharing the values of shared responsibility, volunteerism and social action.

Matan's unique position in the third sector provides an opportunity to enhance and develop Israel's civil society by providing tailor-made, professional and practical courses for NGO's.

How do we do that?

  1. Capacity building toward a vibrant civil society: NGO management courses for CEO's, evaluation and measurement as a managerial tool, mentoring:
  2. Developing volunteer opportunities for corporations and their employees in the community:
  3. Facilitating effective investment in the community: research and information gathering, Israel at a glance, strategy development, due diligence, grant and fund management.

A strong, vibrant and educated civil society is a fundamental element for ensuring Israel's future and we invite you to be part of this venture.

Ways of giving:

Send a check to:
Matan-Investing in the Community
33 Ya'avets St.
Tel Aviv, Israel 6525832

Call +972 3 5602121

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