Why Matan – Philanthropy in Israel

MATAN – Investing in the Community (NPO number 580335057), United Way Israel, is a leader in the creation of a caring and responsible society in Israel. We believe that a significant and effective philanthropy, which actively engages the different sectors of society, creates impact that makes a difference.

By initiating and developing partnerships, which bring together the business sector (local and international companies), the social sector (community organizations), the public sector (national and local offices) and thousands of donors and volunteers, MATAN creates new resources for diverse social needs throughout Israel while focusing on corporate and donor social responsibility, effective community investment, capacity building initiatives for community partners.

Matan offers individual donors and foundations a variety of paths to help them realize their philanthropic goals and dreams in Israel. Matan’s extensive experience in social investment creates a unique infrastructure that can serve philanthropic endeavors in Israel and make charitable giving more effective.

This is achieved by:

  • Information, research and mapping
  • Tailor-made community investment portfolios based on the investment strategy developed with the donor
  • Implementing philanthropic strategy and developing partnerships
  • Vetting services
  • Grant management

Matan has developed both credibility and expertise in the philanthropic seen by maintaining:

  • Trust – Matan is a very professional and transparent social investor and funder. It is a trusted and honest broker in the nonprofit sector.
  • Due diligence – Matan conducts a thorough process of due diligence including site visits to gather formal and informal data on the projects, their conduct and effectiveness in their specific social field.
  • Database – Matan's comprehensive database on hundreds of nonprofit organizations and thousands of social projects is the basis for its extensive work as a philanthropic advisor, fund manager, grant maker and community partnerships facilitator.
  • Hands-on Involvement in the community – Close working relationships with the organizations in the community at large enables Matan to collect up-to-date information on social needs and organizations and to react immediately in times of crisis.
  • Monitoring – All grants and donations are monitored.

As Matan is a major player in the field and enjoys access all levels to potential partners e.g. government, local authorities, businesses and community organizations.