Building Israel's Civil Society

MATAN – Investing  In The Community, United Way Israel, is a leader in the creation of a caring and responsible society in israel. We believe that a significant and effective philanthropy, which actively engages the different sectors of society, creates impact that makes a difference.

By initiating and developing partnerships which bring together the business sector (local and international companies), the social sector (community organizations), the public sector (national and local offices) and thousands of donors and volunteers, MATAN creates new resources for diverse social needs throughout Israel.

These resources are invested in the community, based on due diligence, rigorous guidelines, close monitoring and a deep knowledge of the social needs and the solutions developed.

The resources we generate include:

  • Expertise and proficiency in developing and implementing community investment strategies that that enables philanthropy in Israel to become effective and a vibrant reality
  • Monetary Donations
  • Volunteers
  • In-kind donations
  • Management knowledge and tools from the business world
  • Volunteer mentors from the business world
  • Management and Evaluation Capacity Building programs for social organizations
  • An expansive network of Israeli and International organizations
  • Its leadership role and involvement in promoting the social sector in Israel by serving on the board of "The Israeli Civic Leadership Association (ICLA)", being a member of the Prime Minister's Round Table for Tri Sector Dialogue and Collaborations and other activities.

Follow the link to view Matan's CEO's latest contribution to the debate on civil society published in Israel's leading English language newspaper.