A Wide Range of Resources

A Wide Range of Resources for Social Organizations
As a result of the partnerships it builds, Matan generates a wide range of resources for the social organizations in Israel. These include:


  • As a partner in a corporate or philanthropic project
  • Grantee of a corporate or donor or foundation grants program managed by  Matan
  • Grants raised from workplace campaigns, companies and private donors awarded by representatives of participating companies following an extensive review and selection process


  • Long or short term volunteering programs in partnerships with Matan's corporate partners
  • Business executives, who volunteers as lecturers and mentors.

Leadership and Management Capacity Building Programs

  • Matan Track for nonprofit CEOs: management knowhow and tools from the business world
  • Matan Track for evaluation capacity building as a managerial tool

In-kind Donations

Products, services, furniture and equipment. In our role as a facilitator between business and the community we receive many inquiries from companies interested in donating their services or products as well as requests from organizations seeking such donations.