Capacity Building Programs for Social Organizations

Strong and professional social organizations are an important component of a successful partnership. Therefore Matan strives to enhance the leadership and management of its community partners. This is achieved through two major initiatives with the collaboration of both business and social partners.

The Matan Track for Leadership & Management Development of Nonprofit Executives

MATAN offers a unique management-training track for executives of – social organization. The program, which is based on volunteer executives and experts from the business sector, exposes participants to state of the art management theories, techniques and tools, and partners them with a business mentor. KPMG Israel is the program's strategic partner. Other business partners include Lotem Strategies and Termiks. To read more click here

The Matan Track for Evaluation Capacity Building as a Managerial Tool

What is the effectiveness of social programs is a question asked today by both funders and grantees. Matan has developed the first program in Israel that enables social organizations to acquire the knowledge and skills to evaluate their programs. The program's goal is to help organizations learn, experience and implement measurement and evaluation of projects as a managerial tool for decision making, improvement and further development. The curriculum includes development of "Evaluation Champions", team work, co-learning with other organizations, peer learning and more. To read more click here

Over 230 nonprofit CEOs have graduated from the executive track and over 330 staff members from 63 organizations have acquired evaluation skills and knowhow to improve their organizations and projects.

We invite community investors to empower social organizations at large or specific organizations close to their heart by enrolling them in these programs and working with Matan to leverage and develop their management and effectiveness.