Effective Community Investment

Investment in the community is based on rigorous standards, due diligence, intensive professional examination of programs, a comprehensive up-to -date database, hands-on experience and deep knowledge and understanding of the social needs in Israel.

At Matan we recognize and stress the importance of ensuring that NGO's develop and acquire expertise to function at the highest possible levels and therefore we operate training tracks for professionals and board members on NGO management and evaluation and measurement.

MATAN's goal is to ensure donors – corporations, employees, foundations and individual donors -– that their gifts help fund community-based solutions, provided by efficient, accountable organizations. Close monitoring and evaluation of the programs being funded follow this process.
MATAN offers individual donors and foundations a variety of services to help them establish their philanthropic goals and dreams in Israel. Its extensive experience in social investment creates a unique infrastructure that can serve the donor's philanthropic endeavors in Israel and make their charitable giving more effective.