Reports & Documents

The financial and annual summary reports enable readers to understand the scope of Matan's activities in a certain year.

The reports are submitted once a year in June to the Registrar of Nonprofits for approval and granting of the proper management certificate.
They are also the basis for renewing the tax exemption status every three years.

To read the 2013 financial report click here

To read the 2014 annual report click here

To read the 2014 finacial report click here

To read the 2015 annual report click here

For 2016 proper management certificate click here

.For the 2016-2018 tax exemption certificate click here

Matan received the NGOsource equivalency determination(ED) certificate and is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity .


Reports and additional information appear also on Matan's Guidestar profile.