About Matan

MATAN – Investing  In The Community (NPO number 580335057), United Way Israel, is a leader in the creation of a caring and responsible society in Israel. We believe that a significant and effective philanthropy, which actively engages the different sectors of society, creates impact that makes a difference.

By initiating and developing partnerships, which bring together the business sector (local and international companies), the social sector (community organizations), the public sector (national and local offices) and thousands of donors and volunteers, MATAN creates new resources for diverse social needs throughout Israel.

We focus on:

  • Corporate and donor social responsibility programs
  • Effective community investment portfolios
  • Capacity building initiatives for community partners

Being a dynamic and professional organization, MATAN creates the common ground in which all sectors can meet and join efforts, and takes a leading role in shaping and influencing the creation of Israel's Civil Society. A society in which philanthropic collaboration, involvement and responsibility is a way of life.

Since its establishment in 1999 Matan has raised and invested more than 510 million NIS ($130 million) and 238,000 volunteer hours in over 1000 social organizations throughout Israel.

MATAN was founded by Shari Arison, The Ted Arison Family Foundation .

It is a registered non-profit in Israel.  Donations in Israel are tax deductible.

US deductable donations can be made through PEF (checks earmarked for "Matan Investing in the Community").