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Matan – Investing in the Community is the Israeli affiliate of United Way Worlwide. As such, Matan strives to incorporate the UW ethics and models into its ongoing work and models that are tailored to the Israeli culture.

United Way is a global movement which seeks to leverage corporate, employee and leadership talent for community development.

United Way believes that every donation made towards a developmental cause is an ‘investment’ and not merely a financial support. A significant time is dedicated for careful due diligence – evaluating and building synergies with the right partners who demonstrate an ability to understand and address issues in a larger perspective.

United Way strives to make sure that the ROI is maximized, measurable and most importantly, sustainable.

 .Matan is a member of the UW European Network together with United Ways from the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Romania, Poland and Hungary. In November 2016, Matan was honored to host UW representatives from Europe and the US for a three day, fascinating regional conference. 

The United Way Worldwide includes 1400 affiliates in the US and dozens of countries round the world including: Canada, China, Australia, India,South Africa and many more.

In 2017, Forbes Magazine announced that UW is the number 1 of the 100 largest U.S charities


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