Building a community focused strategy for companies

Matan will help you leverage community relations to promote effective investment towards driving social change. Matan’s team integrates knowhow and creativity, experience and close listening, bold ideas and the ability to bridge cultures. Together, these turn a business organization’s dream of investing in the community into meetings of moving human contact, involvement and linkage to the community, and a workplace with a diversity of contribution options from donations to volunteerism (time and skills) as well as donation matching.
Effective investment is our expertise
• Developing a community investment strategy
• Turning the strategy into an active plan
• Involving employees
• Developing and producing a volunteer program for employees
• Structuring the company’s flagship project
• Locating your best community partners
• Management, support and monitor of your community investment program
The social reward in your community investments portfolio is guaranteed, and guided to match your organizational culture, and your organization’s needs and objectives.