Business foundations and grants managements 

Matan specializes in managing foundations for business sector organizations. We make our vast experience available towards managing corporate social responsibility with the best social outcomes possible (and a lot is possible!).
• Managing a donations based budget. We handle donations transfers to the community partners, with your authorization and the milestones set in your annual work plan. We will also examine association feasibility and whether they uphold the requirements of the law.
• Donation designations. Checking and selecting requests for donations, consultancy and recommendations based on project efficacy. These elements help you take informed decisions concerning your donations.
• Social responsibility & professional responsibility: follow-up and monitoring to ensure optimal maximization of your donation, on site visits to ensure your investment is being put to effectiveness use towards achieving change.
• Building your flagship project: investing in a flagship project means investing extensive resources and making a strong commitment for the long term, of at least 3 to 5 years. Your commitment may be the adoption of a currently running community program activated or initiation and developing a new program. Matan specializes in identifying community partners suited to your project.
• Corporate social responsibility: we assist you in realizing your organization’s CSR approach at the national and international levels as a way of examining its impact relative to multiple parties, including employees, suppliers, clients, investors, the environment and the community in which it is being conducted. Developing investment to promote corporate responsibility while simultaneously creating social change: that’s our goal, and our responsibility.