Developing management capabilities in social organizations

The Matan Quality Leadership and Management track is the first program of its kind, harnessing the advantages of management from the business sector and, through adaptations, applying it to management in the dynamic and changing world of social activism.
The program allows managers of social organizations to gain current management skills and receive personal mentoring from specialists who are experts in their fields of business.

The program is comprised of 11 weekly meetings for CEOs and 8 meetings for VPs. Each is a day long and exposes association managers to a broad range of issues and managerial tools needed to improve their personal management skills, to streamline and professionalize their organization, and promote their social goals.
Program content includes: the manager’s role, developing and implementing strategies, marketing principles, financial management, measuring and evaluation as managerial tools, public relations, leveraging social networks, technology in management, developing and promoting employees, and issues relating to taxation, government, corporations and more. Also delved into are issues unique to social organization managers such as diversifying sources of income, the legal environment vis-à-vis social organizations, and more.
 All mentors are volunteers, senior business managers who not only bring their wish to assist by volunteering, but vast knowledge and management experience.