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  • Matan Investing in the Community is a social organization developing partnerships which invest in the community by bridging between the business world and societal needs.
    We offer businesses and companies a diverse toolbox that allow bringing employees and other interested parties into community involvement , maximizing various resources optimally (from employee donations to employee volunteerism) and investing in a broad range of activities geared to manifesting corporate responsibility towards the community.
    Whether those partnering are individuals, families, a group of friends or a philanthropic foundation, we offer fascinating options for impact investing in the community.
    Together with you, we build your company’s unique social narrative, bringing to the table:
    • Dozens of successful partnerships between businesses and communities
    • Broad perspectives on societal needs while making use of extensive data bases
    • Familiarizing with social organizations, associations and authorities throughout Israel
    • Rich experience in planning and implementing, with effective impact investment in the community by your organization’s employees
    • Strict standards and structured processes for mapping needs, examining feasibility, audit and evaluation
    • Connections to and membership in international organizations specializing in community impact investment
    To date we have invested over NIS. 720 million in communities and 238,000 volunteer hours. Matan is a member of United Way, which according to Forbes Magazine is America’s leading social organization and enables us to access knowledge and cooperative activities with global organizations.
    We invite you to take an active part in driving social change and by making an exciting impact investment in the community.
    Matan was established by Shari Arison representing the Ted Arison Family Foundation. Financial and written reports can be viewed on Guidestar Matan Investing in the Community.

Companies and businesses

Have you decided to enter the area of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and need a work plan?
Are you deliberating about the type of investment you’d like to make in the community?
Are you already investing in the community but want to leverage social responsibility into more significant social yields?
Matan is here to assist you turn your community relations into an impact investment that drives social change through meaningful, moving experiences that connect with your organization.
Matan’s staff brings knowledge, creativity, experience and close listening, bold ideas and the ability to bridge cultures. This is how we turn the dream of your company’s social investment into moving personal encounters that create involvement and linkage between your workplace and the community.
Among investment resources are funds, volunteerism of time and skills, and money-valued donations such as professional services, equipment and products.
What we can offer you:
• Strategy development for community investment, from concept to action plan
• Turning your strategy into an active program by producing a work plan that includes a diversity of opportunities for encountering the community
• Employee involvement which links your employees to a range of social activism in the company
• Matan campaign, the annual celebratory event within the organization that enables personal monetary donations together with work colleagues and supported by company matching
• Developing and producing the implements volunteer plan customized to your organization’s abilities, resources and culture
• Structuring your organization’s flagship project: your company adopts an existing project or creates a new one in a selected area of social activism
• Identifying community partners: mapping, recruiting and training organizations which, when partnered, maximize the investment and therefore, the social impact
• Managing, guiding and auditing your community investment to ensure social outcomes for all activities in which you’re investing in the community
You can be assured of social and business outputs in your community investment portfolio, set up to match the organizational culture, needs and objectives you define.

Individual donors

Our goal at Matan Investing in the Community is to help you, the social investor, donor, foundation and business organization, to realize your philanthropic dream.
Whether you’re an individual or a group, a family or philanthropic foundation manager, we’re happy to step in and help you work out together how to turn your vision or dream of investing in the community into an implementable plan that creates touching social change.
• Developing your community investment strategy by narrowing down to the topic or topics of social concern closest to your heart
• Moving from strategy to an active work plan: creating a range of opportunities to encounter the community, and milestones for investing donations and resources in social programs.
• Consolidating your organization’s flagship project: by adopting an existing project or commencing a new one in your chosen area of social involvement.
• Locating partners in the community: mapping associations and organizations, recruiting and training suitable partners.
• Structuring and managing partnerships: towards promoting cooperation while maximizing use of resources.
• Management, support and audit: to ensure social yields in the programs which Matan has helped structure and with follow-up and audit of direct investments you’ve made in the community.
Matan makes the following available to its partners investing in the community:
• In-depth knowledge of social needs, social associations and organizations in Israel
• Updated data base
• Mapping abilities and direct contact with associations, organizations and authorities
• A professional team which integrates knowledge and creativity, experience and close listening, bold suggestions and the ability to bridge between cultures
• The ability to provide fast, flexible responses
• Sensitivity to the values and wishes of investors as far as involvement and exposure
• Contacts and networking with Israeli and international organizations

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