Board of Directors

The Board of Directors committee’s members and the audit committee’s members, who make up Matan’s leadership, are themselves volunteers who do a great deal towards promoting Matan’s objectives: investing in the community.
Administration comprises: Avi Fisher, Chairman; Jason Arison, Roni Braun, Nogah Yatziv, Haim Cohen, Doron Livnat, Gad Somekh, Itai Zimmer, Ariel Kor, Tal Rahamim, Yaakov (Jacky) Shimmel, Yael Revhon, Nava Kazaz.
The administrators’ work in the association is similar to that of a board of directors in a business. Members of the board bear responsibility by virtue of their role. They invest their time and energy in promoting these activities, and are committed to the organization’s success.